ReneSola aims to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions to the market to help our clients meet their needs. Recognizing the importance of energy-efficient lighting for homes, offices, warehouses and factories, we seek to improve every business with uncompromising performance and payback. Drawing on its deep heritage in solar technology, ReneSola recently brought its expertise to the LED lighting sector. Through its exceptional manufacturing and sales channels,ReneSola produces and supplies a wide range of LED products to add value and meet ROI objectives for distributors’ clients across a number of sectors. Today, ReneSola offers a robust portfolio of LED lighting solutions to meet the unique needs of the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Through its unyielding focus on innovation and expanded product lines, ReneSola is quickly becoming known as a global leader in the industry. With the support of its valued distribution network, ReneSola’s mission is to help reduce lighting costs while enhancing environmental stewardship around the world.

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